Destiny 2’s fate lies in September update

While Destiny was objectively underwhelming at launch, Bungie managed to bring light into The Darkness and revive the game one DLC at a time.

By the time Destiny received its final patch from the live team, Guardians were provided a quality platform to grind for loot with friends. Then Destiny 2 reset the progress Bungie seemed to have made, along with everything Guardians had spent time earning in the years prior.

Warmind, Destiny 2’s latest paid update, features a favorite character of those who spent time reading the now mostly-defunct lore of Destiny, Rasputin. It does little to solve the problems plaguing D2.

User Railgun describes some of the most glaring issues perfectly at :

Last month’s creators summit was a great step for Bungie, listening to those invested in the game and community on a daily basis. The last direct reflection of Bungie’s collective ear appearing to be with the community came with the hire of /r/DestinyTheGame moderator Cozmo.

But if Bungie wants rescue of the troubled D2, the expected September update will need to address core issues of the game deeper than “more stuff to do.” The update is expected to include a new game mode, but also carries the hope of reverting many of the changes brought by Destiny 2’s launch. A few of the biggest include the return of standard 6v6 PvP matches, ditching the double primary loadout system for the traditional primary-secondary-heavy used in the original, and giving players reasons to be invested in the game at all.

In short, the September update needs to bring the hobby back to the game or Bungie risks losing its most dedicated players for good.

Details on the expected expansion could come as soon as E3 this June.