Ahead of its first major content drop, Sea of Thieves has a shark problem

This week, Sea of Thieves is set to unveil The Hungering Deep, the first new content since the game’s launch in March.

The free DLC will introduce a new AI into the world, and an accompanying mission for crews to undertake to defeat the threat. The update is the first of many planned content infusions, which you can hear a very little about here.

Before the planned AI threat launches however, there has been an unexpected threat roaming the seas.

reddit user u/al2cl3 documented the shark infestation of May 2018

Reddit user u/al2cl3 posted the above image in r/SeaofThieves this week with the title “I haven’t noticed a difference in the sharks spawn rate at all,” and the sarcastic title perfectly encapsulates the current situation.

Many players, myself included, are being faced with insurmountable amounts of sharks after just moments in the water. While sharks were once a small worry for anyone not looking to cross the seas without a boat, now even swimming short distances to offload loot has become difficult.

The roving packs of chomping teeth have likely drastically reduced the frequency of players swimming long distances to ambush opposing crews, but it’s a small victory for those facing the surprisingly social threat in other aspects of gameplay.

We’re just a day away from The Hungering Deep going live and revealing the mysterious new AI threat, and chances are it’s related to these increased attacks. If the two are unrelated, the sharks might just get world’s-first completion of the new campaign.