LeBron is headed to his 8th straight NBA Finals

Despite a roller coaster of a season, LeBron James is on his way to his 8th straight NBA Finals.

Tonight isn’t about Jordan vs. LeBron (even though LeBron does everything better than MJ and has been with worse teams) or that likely Finals opponent Golden State is the best team in American sports (though Vegas Golden Knights is the team with the best story in American sports).

Tonight is however a great time to revel in the show we get to watch every night James is on the court.

This 33 year old version of LeBron played all 48 minutes against Boston in game 7, going 12 for 24 with 15 rebounds and 9 assists. Not only is that an extreme rarity in the modern NBA, it’s downright shocking to see from a player who age would indicate he’s nearing the point of fading away.

Cavs game 7 ECF 2018

Playing in what will likely be his final season in The Land, LeBron managed to drag a revamped Cavs team to the NBA Finals. No matter who his opponent from the West ends up being, James is going to need help slowing down the explosive offenses that will be presented in the championship series.

But if LeBron can continue to average almost 34 points a game like he has all postseason, there is at least a chance we could see Cleveland take home their second championship as a farewell present from the king.