Landon Donovan Botches Another World Cup Cycle

Image: Twitter

A new tradition for the U.S. Soccer legend, Landon Donovan has again managed to find himself isolated during a World Cup cycle.

There are at least two issues to be found with Donovan’s sudden support of his former rivals.

The first is the betrayal many U.S. fans and players feel seeing someone so tied to the U.S. game rooting for a confederation rival.

Some players and media tackled the issue while showing restraint for calling out the Club Leon substitute.

Some players are being more direct.

The second issue is the more complex – Donovan’s support comes from the scope of an advertisement for Wells Fargo.

There are plenty of fans in America who support both USMNT and El Tri, which in a nation of immigrants makes plenty of sense.

What bastardizes the entire message is that Donovan has been a paid spokesman for Wells Fargo in the past. Most notably, Donovan starred in a Wells Fargo commercial as “Hat Trick Rick’s” teammate “Don Ovan.”

Donovan’s passion for El Tri doesn’t come solely from a place of celebrating the 2018 World Cup, though the United States’ omission from the tournament would provide the perfect opportunity for that support. By using what appears to be a sponsored advertisement, his attempt to broadcast a message of inclusion and support for the atrocities occurring along the US-Mexico border is lost in the static.

Donovan pivoting to tell other people to “remember where you came from” seems to be only throwing gasoline on the fire.

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